Appliance Repair Trappe Maryland

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We serviced a
Model KDTE204KPS0
Near Trappe, MD 21673
Andrew W.
Job Details: 07/07/2022
"Cx complaint is unit had F8E4 error code. inspected and verified complaint. found that unit was not level, leaning forward a bit. found unit float switch tray was full of water, likely from not being level. cx stated when she opened the unit door water spilled out. removed float switch and cleaned tray. levelled unit evenly. ran diag cycle and unit worked as designed. checked for error codes and none were present. unit is working as designed. job complete."
We serviced a
Model WTW5105HW1
Near Trappe, MD 21673
Jonathon C.
Job Details: 07/06/2022
"cx complaint, loud noise at the end of the cycle. tested unit, verified complaint. when unit applies the breaks, the splutch slips causing louds grinding noise. replaced splutch. tested unit, unit working as designed. job is complete."