Appliance Repair Summerdale Pennsylvania

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We serviced a
Model MVW5430MW0
Near Summerdale, PA 17025
Cody H.
Job Details: 02/08/2023
"CX states unit is leaking oil onto floor. Inspected under unit to find oil from gearcase on floor and bottom of unit. belt and pulley failed due to having oil on them. Called tradecare due to unit being within 30 days of purchase. Tradecare states to go ahead with repair. Ordering parts to be used on following visit, return to be set up by office when all parts arrive.; ordrng 1 W11449840 (gearcase) and 1 W11283592 (motor) and 1 W11481722 (actuator) and 1 W11395618 (capacitor) and 1 W10721967 (splutch) and 1 W11239857 (belt)"