Appliance Repair Powells Point North Carolina

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We serviced a
Model MVWC565FW2
Near Powells Point, NC 27966
Branden R.
Job Details: 10/14/2022
"cx complaint water level at top of tub.when finished washing clothes are wrapped around agitator,clothes . . . checked uint and found unit will not drain while testing , found lower harness split from connetor causing drain to have no vac , also found inlet valve out of range on unit , rewired lower harness for proper connetion and installed inlet valve tested unit and everything tested good unit is running as designed ."
We serviced a
Model WRS321SDHZ05
Near Powells Point, NC 27966
Austin D.
Job Details: 07/05/2022
"cx complaint the unit is leaking at the dispenser. checked the unit and found water leaking at the water line and also moisture buidling up on the seperator door. therefore, i went ahead and replaced the seperator door to stop the warm airflow to the unit. testged the unit. unit is running as designed."