Appliance Repair Neffsville Pennsylvania

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We serviced a
Model KBBR306ESS01
Near Neffsville, PA 17601
Cody H.
Job Details: 04/03/2023
"was able to access unit and replace parts per previous visit. CX complains unit now is not cooling at all. Found inverter is receiving voltage but compressor is just humming. Called DB and was reccomended to order sealed system with inverter, evap, compressor, and drier for return as well as 3 ct. Was unable to call techline due to CX asking me to leave the house before techline could be called. Proper diagnosis could not be performed. Office to schedule followup when all parts arrive.; ordering 1 W11573593 (inverter box) and 1 W10832994 (compressor) and 1 W10704381 (drier) and 1 876764 (service valve 1) and 1 WP978025 (service valve 2) and 1 W11553229 (RC evap)"