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We serviced a
Model WMH31017HS09
Near Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
Alexander D.
Job Details: 05/05/2023
cx complaint hood light burned out and after he replaced it wont turn off or change brightness. he also noticed the bulb gets very hot quickly and it looks like something melted onto the bulb. inspected unit and verified complaint. looked behind hood light cover and dont see anything melted. ordering control and bulb. call cx to schedule return visit once we have eta on parts; ordrng 1 W11552018 (control) and 1 8206232A (bulb)
We serviced a
Model WRF560SEHZ02
Near Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
Dustin F.
Job Details: 05/02/2023
"inspected part on arrival, pressure clamp for waterline is broke. reordering filter housing.; ordrng 1 W10844267 (filter housing (reorder))"
We serviced a
Model KRFC704FPS01
Near Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
Shawn D.
Job Details: 05/01/2023
arrived unit still plugged in and nothing is running but lights work. went to test 38 and 40 and compressor will not run. unplugged unit and opened system and had freon it. plugged unit back in and freezer fan and condenser fan are running but compressor will not. compressor is dead again called office to check to see if we have any and we do not. left part number with cx and he is contacting kitchenaid to see if they can rush part. marking other parts use on return just incase. 4 cunt job s.s. tech only on return; ordrng 1 W11592010 (compressor) and 1 look (look)
We serviced a
Model CEM2793BQ0
Near Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
Alexander D.
Job Details: 04/14/2023
"replaced lint screen, housing, grille and screws. tested unit. unit is now working properly"
We serviced a
Model n/a
Near Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
Eric W.
Job Details: 04/10/2023
cx complaint of unit give f3 error inspected unit found oven tep probe os good unit will need new control control nla
Linthicum Heights, Maryland
Getting the parts took a while, but our service technician was AMAZING. He handled all our needs for our fridge and it’s working great. Thank you VIA!
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