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We serviced a
Model WFE550S0LZ2
Near Lincoln, DE 19960
Michael E.
Job Details: 10/12/2022
"CX complaint: cooktop crack. Inspected and verified complaint. I documented crack in pics. Unfortunately CX is 20 days past the 30 day cosmetic window. I gave CX customer experience center number so she can contact WP to request a concession. Job is complete until further notice.If approved, part W11183708 would be needed."
We serviced a
Model KBSN608ESS01
Near Lincoln, DE 19960
Frederick R.
Job Details: 07/13/2022
CX complaint is gurlging noises coming from water valve. Inspected/tested and could not verify complaint. When speaking to CX and her explaining her concerns I realized what she was talking about was the noises when the unit is in defrost. and the dripping of the water down the drain hole into the pan. Unit is not dripping into unit itself. This uit is working as designed. Job is complete
We serviced a
Model WRT311FZDM01
Near Lincoln, DE 19960
Andrew W.
Job Details: 07/05/2022
Cx complaint is not cooling in fridge. inspected and verified complaint. unit was over packed in the freezer and had frost build up from door not closing fully. air vent from freezer to fridge was blocked with ice. removed ice blockage and had cold air flow from freezer. unit is working as designed. job complete.
Lincoln, Delaware
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