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We serviced a
Model KCES556HSS00
Near Lake Ridge, VA 22192
Demonte S.
Job Details: 02/16/2023
Inspected the unit. Found that the cx is saying that the Cooktop is making noise while cooking / Cooktop Glass is flaking after Cooktop. Checked the Cooktop Glass. There are pit spots in the middle of the Cooktop. Cx is leaving hot items on the glass in the middle after cooking. The glass is not cracked. ( Cosmetic issue.) Tested the burners to the Cooktop. Found the noise the cx is hearing is the burners cycling. I advised to the cx that this is normal. Unit is working as Designed. ( This is a use and Care call. Advised to the cx they only get one of these type of calls.)
We serviced a
Model WET4024HW0
Near Lake Ridge, VA 22192
Tanner B.
Job Details: 07/21/2022
Replaced broken door switch . tested unit. job complete
We serviced a
Model WTW4655JW1
Near Lake Ridge, VA 22192
Richard B.
Job Details: 06/01/2022
"CX complant. Washer not working. Inspected unit and will not go into diagnostics , Found no LED on control boarsd. RTried new contol board and same issue. Dial feels pushed in . and rubbs on console when rotating. Reordering control.. Sceduled for 06/08/22 in stock , Further work needed, Getting 120 volts at board imput. RB; ordrng 1 w11498190 (control)"