Appliance Repair Hustontown Pennsylvania

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We serviced a
Model WED4815EW1
Near Hustontown, PA 17229
Andrew S.
Job Details: 11/14/2023
Cx complaint is that the unit is tripping the breaker immediately after the breaker is reset. upon arrival I found that the unit was unplugged and the cord was uninstalled. I accessed the rear and tested the element (10.2 Ohms) and the thermostats and tco and thermal fuse. I found that the element is not shorted out to ground. I also tested the other componants as well. I found that nothing is out of range or shorted to ground. I then installed the cord and plugged the unit in and turned the breaker on. I found that the breaker did not trip this time. I then started a timed cycle and found that the unit is functioning as intended. i was unable to find or replicate the breaker issue. Cx is rewiring the supply. If cx has any further issue they will document as many deatils as possi