Appliance Repair Freeland Maryland

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We serviced a
Model KRSF705HPS01
Near Freeland, MD 21053
Marc M.
Job Details: 07/07/2022
"prior to parts install inspected unit further. cx stated that while awaiting parts unit leaked 4-5 times while the water supply to the fridge was disrupted. concerned that the leak may be elsewhere, check and foudn that the water dispenser line is indeed a slow drip that was easily corrected with water tube cutters. this would not address the water accumulated while water supply is not turned on at house. contacted techline to review and in fact confirmed a sealed system leak. found high amp draw of 1.4-1.5 amp. found about half a normal frost pattern with heavy accumulation at the top of the evap. techline instructed return to charge with 140 psi of nitrogen and relay results to techline sr7734056310; ordrng 1 WPW10223328 (suction tube w/ check) and 1 WPW10143759 (drier) and 1 W10779331 (compressor) and 1 W11590197 (rkv) and 1 W11505166 (rc evap) and 1 nitrogen (ask MA)"