Appliance Repair Cockeysville Maryland

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We serviced a
Model KEMS308SSS00
Near Cockeysville, MD 21030
Bernard M.
Job Details: 07/18/2022
"When arrived cx informed me that the unit will be coming out of the wall space in few weeks for renovation, cabinets are being re-done. Cx would like to reschedule, once contractor has unit out so we're not pulling unit in and out of space and possibly damaging the new floor that was put down recently. Cx will contact office once unit is out.;"
We serviced a
Model MMV5208WS1
Near Cockeysville, MD 21030
Keith H.
Job Details: 07/14/2022
cx complaint is unit made loud buzz noise inspected unit and found a cracked diode i replaced diode tested it unit is working
We serviced a
Model KDTM354ESS3
Near Cockeysville, MD 21030
Neil H.
Job Details: 07/12/2022
replacced the dishwasher tub unit tested good.
We serviced a
Model JJW3830WB
Near Cockeysville, MD 21030
Brian R.
Job Details: 07/06/2022
cx complaint is display wont work and cant run unit and tried to reset power and it just show Jenn-Air on the front and thats it. cant push anything or test or check for codes or do anything as nothing on console responds. lights dont come on when either door is open. tested and checked unit as far as we can and advised cx we will need to replace control and further test unit and see how it goes. cx asked to order both boards just in case and we can return the one not needed. as soon as parts are in ioffice will schedule.; ordrng 1 WPW10286791 (Elec Control 162.29) and 1 WPW10292566 (Over Control 262.61)
We serviced a
Model KRFF507HPS00
Near Cockeysville, MD 21030
Marc M.
Job Details: 06/23/2022
cx complaint unit not illuminating the fc led or any led in the cieling of the rc. unit will need newest revision of fc led (W11601310) per spW11460554 rev G. S191AQ Parts & Labor; ordrng 1 W11601310 (led)