Appliance Repair Cobb Island Maryland

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We serviced a
Model WRS325SDHV08
Near Cobb Island, MD 20625
Shawn D.
Job Details: 07/05/2022
cx complaint unit is no longer cooling and was making a clicking noise all the time so unplugged unit. inspected unit then plugged it in and compressor wont run i have a click. removed starter to find it shorted snapped pic so put a new one on and compressor only buzzes.ohms out compressor and is 11.1 then 5.5 and 5.6 on otherside called techline documented issue spoke to andrian sr#7734027933 recomende ordering evaporator also incase leak when system is open. ordering s..s parts for return needs to be 3 count job but maybe 4 count due to the drive to get here.; ordrng 1 W11580057 (compressor) and 1 W11504415 (coupler) and 1 W11504431 (coupler) and 1 W11506619 (coupler) and 1 W11109499 (drier) and 1 W11504433 (coupler) and 1 W11504447 (coupler) and 1 W10913906 (coupler) and 1 W11546692 (evaporator) and 1 W11504449 (coupler) and 1 W11506619 (coupler) and 1 nitrogen (nitrogen) and 1 s.stech (s.s. tech) and 1 4countjob (4 count job)