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We serviced a
Model WFG525S0JW2
Near Zuni, VA 23898
Justin W.
Job Details: 08/29/2023
cx complaint unit not heating properly. checked unit to find sensor reading accurately at room temperature. heated oven to 350. found unit not heating hot enough during preheat. replaced control and sensor. reheated to 350 to find unit heating correctly. calibrated unit plus 15 degrees and showed cx how to calibrate. advised cx to monitor over next 30 days and call back if she needs any more assistance
We serviced a
Model WGE745C0FS05
Near Zuni, VA 23898
Anthony D.
Job Details: 07/06/2022
cx complaint oven not heating properly checked unit upper ove temp sesnor at 1.1kohms lower oven temp sensor 1.090kohms upper oven temps at 362 305 374 310 372 311 averaging 339 lower oven temps at 311 350 318 347 320 344 averaging 331 degrees adjusted temp calibration up 10 degrees in the upper oven and 15 degrees in the lower oven tested unit working as designed
We serviced a
Model KDTM404KPS
Near Zuni, VA 23898
Zachery R.
Job Details: 05/25/2022
"replaced element, tested, no signs of any leaks. unit working as designed. left old part with cx"
Zuni, Virginia
Very knowledgeable, fixed the problem.
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