Appliance Repair West York Pennsylvania

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We serviced a
Model WRF555SDFZ15
Near West York, PA 17404
Marc M.
Job Details: 07/14/2022
cx complaint ice bin was seized in the ice container area and could not be removed by hand. inspected and found that the cover to the ice bin required being removed and the lever releasing the ice bin required a pry tool to disengage from the container. once removing the bin found several ice cubes that had obrstucted the path of the ejector teeth on the icemaker which ultimately caused the seizure in the compartment altogether. was able to clear all excess ice and wipe area of any mositure and unit now checks good.
We serviced a
Model MVWC565FW2
Near West York, PA 17404
Drew B.
Job Details: 05/31/2022
cx complaint that unit is not cleaning the dishes and when tested foudn the actuator is not engaging the pin to the splutch and will need replaced to updated shifter.. replaced and tested no checks good