Appliance Repair West Friendship Maryland

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We serviced a
Model KODE500ESS20
Near West Friendship, MD 21794
Robert L.
Job Details: 11/02/2023
"cx complaint debris between glass, removed both doors and clear debris and cleaned glass, tested all ops ok"
We serviced a
Model MVW7230HW1
Near West Friendship, MD 21794
Alexander D.
Job Details: 10/10/2023
cx complaint unit making rattling/grinding noise. inspected unit and verified complaint. cx showed me video of noise. found rotor bolt fell out. replaced rotor bolt because i have a bunch in my toolbag. ran calibration and autotest. unit is now working properly
We serviced a
Model WRS588FIHZ04
Near West Friendship, MD 21794
Brian R.
Job Details: 09/05/2023
cx complaint is unit was delivered damaged on the inside of freezer door. also said how lose gaskets seem. checked over unit. wrong model number listed so wrong door orered so ordered right door. also ordered some adhesive to put behing gaskets so there not so lose. as soon as parts are in office will schedule.; ordrng 1 W11566705 (Freezer Door Stainless) and 1 8201711 (Clear Adhesive)
We serviced a
Model WTW7120HW0
Near West Friendship, MD 21794
Dustin F.
Job Details: 08/29/2023
"cx complaint: Unit washing properlyInspected unit, confirmed CX complaint. unit keeps throwing F3E3 codes for bad water valve thermistor. Replaced Inlet water valve with pre id and tested unit, unit now working as intended."
We serviced a
Model WGD8000DW2
Near West Friendship, MD 21794
Marc M.
Job Details: 08/25/2023
"cx complaint unit loud screeching noise. inspected unit and found wear and corrosion across the idler, belt and multiple rollers. quoted and replaced all parts and collected from cx. cx pif. tested unit and unit now checks good."