Appliance Repair Toano Virginia

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We serviced a
Model WDT750SAKZ0
Near Toano, VA 23168
Justin W.
Job Details: 10/13/2022
arrived to find no answer. called office spoke to Nikki advised to wait till 9:16. called and spoke to LR advised he completed job. prior to leaving cx came to door and notified me job was completed.
We serviced a
Model JXD7036YS5
Near Toano, VA 23168
Carl A.
Job Details: 10/12/2022
"cx complaint of unit not working,checkedu nit to find motor to be shorted due to all the gease after pulling motor unit binded due to cabinet warped called techline spoke with Steve explain situtation and determind that the cabinet of unit was wraped confrimed"
We serviced a
Model KRMF606ESS01
Near Toano, VA 23168
Lucas R.
Job Details: 07/21/2022
"upon arrival found deli board not lighting up 0 vdc to control, 12.6 vdc output from power board, found broken bk wire in deli harrness, repaired wire, tested, unit working as designed"
We serviced a
Model WMH31017HZ07
Near Toano, VA 23168
Gill G.
Job Details: 07/20/2022
"cx complaint: unit caught on fire. inspected unit and found fire occured inside cooking cavity. fire damaged turntable ring and burned a hole in the cooking tray. fire started to penetrate liner but did not go all the way through. fire deformed liner. did not find damage aroung turntable motor or cooktop light. did not find damage to any components. called techline and spoke with Robert. reported finding to safety, spoke with Cody. advised to have cx call whirlpool safety."
We serviced a
Model MVWB765FW3
Near Toano, VA 23168
Lucas R.
Job Details: 07/15/2022
"cx complaint no operation, checked unit found f62 communication code, u.i not communicating with acu, all components ohmed good, quoted cx part W11135391 console $282.48, labor $110.00, shipping $15.00, tax $16.95, total $544.43, cx unsure if repair or replace at this time."
Toano, Virginia
The technician was prompt and professional.
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