Appliance Repair Springdale Maryland

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We serviced a
Model WRS321SDHZ08
Near Springdale, MD 20774
Samuel R.
Job Details: 05/26/2022
cx complaint unit is not cooling.inspected unti and found evap to be frozen over.advised cx unti will have to be turned off and left opened for a day to help defrost block of ice.unit will need a new evap fan motor and harness.will bring thermister incase its needed .W11581973 special order W11559968 special order WP2169142 9 tribles; ordrng 1 W11581973 (harness) and 1 W11559968 (fan motor) and 1 WP2169142 (fan blade)
We serviced a
Model WRS588FIHZ04
Near Springdale, MD 20774
Alexander D.
Job Details: 05/18/2022
"arrived to replace fz door, cams and door hinge. found icemaker in new door broken off and waterlines wrong, new door has 2 1/4' waterlines and old door has 1 5/16' and 1 1/4' waterline, pics saved. took cam out of new door and installed on old door and replaced hinge and cams on hinge. tested unit, door now opens and closes smoothly. unit is now working properly. called office and scheduled door pick up for 5/23"