Appliance Repair Skyline View Pennsylvania

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We serviced a
Model WFE535S0LS2
Near Skyline View, PA 17112
Fred G.
Job Details: 06/06/2022
"cx complaint top elemnets work but oven does not work. inspected unit and pulled unit out. found 240.5vac to unit. tested unit on a broil cycle and got 0 volts to element. checked the broil element and it tested good. tested a bake cycle and found 100 volts to element. tested bake element and found it to be open, meter showed OL. unit needs control and bake element. ordering 1 (W11548749), 1 (WP9755770). please call cx once parts come in to schedule apt.; ordrng 1 WP9755770 (elmnt-bake) and 1 W11548749 (control)"