Appliance Repair Sabillasville Maryland

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We serviced a
Model WED4815EW1
Near Sabillasville, MD 21780
Drew B.
Job Details: 12/01/2023
cx complaint that unit is not heating at all but does run.. when arrived checked and found proper voltage to unit and then checked element which had good contunintiy.. ohmed TCO and was open replaced with tuck stock W10900067 and now heats and runs checks good. uniti in wpw.; used 1 W10900067 (gtco kit) from stock
We serviced a
Model KBFO42FTX00
Near Sabillasville, MD 21780
Andrew S.
Job Details: 05/10/2023
Cx complaint is that the unit has a loud humming noise when it running. Upon arrival I that the compressor is causing the noise. It was getting louder the longer it ran in the cooling cycle. I also found that the control is shutting off intermittently when the compressor is running. I called MM and verified the repair. Cx also pointed out that the door Gasket is torn. I quoted the cx for the cost of the SS repair and control/gasket replacement. I am ordering the parts needed for the repair. Cx paid for the service/taxes/shipping and parts. Cx will owe the labor charge on return.; ordrng 1 W10841139 (Compressor) and 1 WPW10143759 (Filter Drier) and 3 w11506635 (Process Stubs)s and 1 W10195924 (Evap) and 1 8201809 (Door Gasket) and 1 LOOK (LOOK) and 1 2tech(builtin) (2 tech (Built IN) SS repair)
We serviced a
Model WRV986FDEM01
Near Sabillasville, MD 21780
Justin S.
Job Details: 04/14/2023
the system was already open when i arrived at the filter. the unit does have a temporary valve on the suction line of the compressor. replaced the parts and vacuummed down the system. filled to weight and checked for leaks. ran test 4 and step 4 the low side pressure is 10psi and high side pressure is 150psi with a full frost pattern over the evaporator. step 5 low side pressure is 10 and high side pressure is 165psi. step 1 is equilizing to 40psi. the unit is cooling good
We serviced a
Model JJW2730WS02
Near Sabillasville, MD 21780
Ricky E.
Job Details: 07/21/2022
"customer stated that the unit was giving a f8e0 error.. verified issue. the unit will give the error during bake cycles, but not all the time. in diag the blowers will run on low with no issues.. the unit will need the blowers and control..; ordrng 1 W10617330 (panl-cntrl)"
We serviced a
Model WDT730PAHZ0
Near Sabillasville, MD 21780
Brian R.
Job Details: 06/09/2022
cx complaint is with unit and wont power up and run. tested power at unit and had 120 to unit and control but UI dead. unit wont take code or anything. tested and checked unit and will get parts needed. as soon as parts are in office will schedule.; ordrng 1 W11305308 (Control) and 1 W11368911 (HOUSING-UI)