Appliance Repair Pylesville Maryland

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We serviced a
Model MVWC565FW2
Near Pylesville, MD 21132
Marc M.
Job Details: 07/21/2022
cx complaint unit not spinning clothes dry. inspected unit and found errors f8e1 f7e5 in diag. ran auto test cycle and found that the cold water valve is not activating the solenoid. checked and found also that the unit will agitate with no issues. unit drains and drain hose is an appropriate depth within the stanpipe. unit attempted spin and competed with no issues despite the f7e5 error. unti will need parts.; ordrng 1 W11399433 (control)
We serviced a
Model KDTM404KPS0
Near Pylesville, MD 21132
Sal R.
Job Details: 06/17/2022
"CX complaint was that the unti was leaking. I found that the bushings on the orig element were completly gone. Per Technical Service Pointer #: W11540964, I was able to access and replace the heating element . Unit test good."