Appliance Repair Orrtanna Pennsylvania

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We serviced a
Model MEDC215EW1
Near Orrtanna, PA 17353
Andrew S.
Job Details: 07/18/2022
"Cx complaint is that the clothes are hot and damp after the cycle ends. Upon arrival I found that the unit is getting good ventilaion at the unit. I was unable to find an exit point around the house. I am ordering the timer, heat switch and cycling thermostat. Please contact cx when the parts are available to schedule the return.; ordrng 1 WP3387134 (Cycling THermostat) and 1 WPW10185982 (Timer) and 1 WP3399639 (temp switch)"
We serviced a
Model WRF555SDFZ09
Near Orrtanna, PA 17353
Andrew S.
Job Details: 07/12/2022
"Per previous diag I was able to access and replace the ice maker, harness and door gaskets. I then verified that the ice maker harvested and filled. and the door gaskets were sealing correctly. Unit is now functioning as intended. Job complete"
We serviced a
Model KDTM404KPS0
Near Orrtanna, PA 17353
Bernard M.
Job Details: 06/06/2022
"Replaced heater per service pointer #11540964, ran test cycle and unit now heats and no leaks were found"
We serviced a
Model WML55011HW06
Near Orrtanna, PA
Andrew S.
Job Details: 05/20/2022
Cx complaint is that the vent fan is not functioning. I was able to access and repalce the control and the fan and found that the unit is now functioning as intended. Job complete
Orrtanna, Pennsylvania
Andrew is an excellent technician. He knows what he doing. Very knowledgeable. Gave excellent service. He stuck with the problem until it was resolved. Thanks to him my ice maker is finally working. Thank him
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