Appliance Repair New Market Maryland

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We serviced a
Model WFE715H0ES0
Near New Market, MD 21774
Marc M.
Job Details: 10/21/2022
cx complaint unit not heating properly. inspected unit and when removing the lower panel within the oven found that the bake element was visibly shorted. replaced bake element with pre id parts and tested unit. unit now checks good.
We serviced a
Model MVW6200KW2
Near New Market, MD 21774
Ricardo S.
Job Details: 10/13/2022
Replaced parts unit tested on normal cycle and working ok.. also the diagnostic test works great
We serviced a
Model WRS571CIHZ04
Near New Market, MD 21774
Ricky E.
Job Details: 07/21/2022
"customer stated that the ui had missing leds and would have random flashing lights, and it woulnt allow changes.. verified issue, replaced the ui assy, unit cks ok.."
We serviced a
Model WRT318FZDW06
Near New Market, MD 21774
Justin S.
Job Details: 07/20/2022
the unit is located in a garage. cx says the unit is leaking into the refrigerator compartment. large amount of ice in the bottom of the freezer. found the drain tube is clear and no water in the drain pan. cleared the ice. showed the cx on page 4 of the owners manual the unit needs to be kept in a controlled envirnment. the cx says they will move the unit inside. the unit is now good
We serviced a
Model KRFC704FBS01
Near New Market, MD 21774
Bernard M.
Job Details: 07/12/2022
"Cx complaint ice won't dispense from door. Inspected door and removed ice bin, found the auger motor wouldn't rotate due to ice around the inside.Also found ice stuck above the separator causing ice build up below ice bin. Removed ice and placed bin back in and ice dispensed from the door. Crushed and cubed both dispense without any getting jammed. Cx paid service fee. Unit checks good"
New Market, Maryland
Very nice and knowledgeable . Fixed my problem on the first call because he brought the necessary replacement part with him.
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