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We serviced a
Model WDT730HAMZ0
Near Maryland City, MD 20724
Israel R.
Job Details: 12/05/2023
Customer complaint unit stoppers keep falling off. I found the stopper off i tried to put it back together and one of the soppers stayed on and the other looked like it was on but as soos as i open the door it fell off. I found the rail is not grabing the stopper correctly and when the rack hits it it falls off because is not grabbing good. And then when i was closing the other side ffell. Both rails need to be replace with noe stoppers. Ordering middle track stoppers and rails. Not in stock call customer when part is available.; ordrng 2 WP8565925 (stop)s and 2 WP3385089 (dishwasher track)s and 2 WPW10508950 (front stops)s
We serviced a
Model WRS315SDHM08
Near Maryland City, MD 20724
Israel R.
Job Details: 11/30/2023
Customer complaint unit is not cooling. I tested the unit and found the unit is overfrosting i thawed the ice and when i got to the heater connector the brown wire just fell out. I reseated and the unit is going to need a new heater the connector has failed and needs updated harness. Ordering heater.; ordrng 1 W11650661 (Heater)
We serviced a
Model WFW5605MW0
Near Maryland City, MD 20724
Dustin F.
Job Details: 11/09/2023
"CX complaint: unit staying locked showing SD code.Inspected unit, confirmed code. removed dryer and pulled front off. cleared out bellow and drain pump assembly. drained and cleared all hoses. checked resistances for recirculation pump and got 43.1 ohms then checked drain pump and got 20.1 ohms. put everything back together then filled and drained unit. unit then cleared test cycle. unit now working as intended."
We serviced a
Model WOC54EC0HS20
Near Maryland City, MD 20724
Alexander D.
Job Details: 11/02/2023
"cx complaint oven cooling fan runs nonstop after turning oven off. fan will run overnight and cx has to turn breaker off to get it to stop. cx said cooking performance isnt affected. no errors stored. temps sensor reads 1098ohms at room temp but may not read right once its hot. replaced temp sensor. advised cx to let unit preheat to 350 when she gets home from work, then turn unit off and see if issue persists. if cx calls back, send tech with control(W11261167) may be relay getting stuck on."
We serviced a
Model WTW4855HW3
Near Maryland City, MD 20724
Shawn D.
Job Details: 10/16/2023
"cx had a different unit changed model and serial unit is in warrenty. cx complaint unit is not filling with enough water. i inspected washer then checked for errors and had none, service cycle completed fine. i started a bulkly cycle on deep wash and water got over half way full. i told cx other cycles will bring in less waater and nomal cycle does not work on deep water. i also infomred cx other washer she had always filled with alot of water this one does not wokr the same building told her this one was nicer. i calibrated control and told cx to try unit out its deff working. unit is good to go"
Maryland City, Maryland
Dustin provided exceptional service. He was timely and extremely knowledgeable.
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