Appliance Repair Glenarden Maryland

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Near Glenarden, MD 20706
Emmanuel R.
Job Details: 07/21/2022
"Cs RC not cooling, Found the evap frozen over, i defrosted evap, Found the wiring harness with the bimetal and control board malfunctioning. Replaced evap wiring harness and control. Tested unit , unit is no working properly."
We serviced a
Model MVWC565FW2
Near Glenarden, MD 20774
Shawn D.
Job Details: 07/19/2022
"cx complaint just moved into house january of 2022 and unit started tripping breaker 2 weeks ago. inspected unit then checked for errors and had none. ran test mode highest amps 6.3 then ran drain and spin and highest amps got to 6.3 then then went down to 3.0 with drain pump running then when pump turns off only motor we have 2,1 amps unit is working good and amps are good. washer has a breaker issue i believe due to being on arc fault breaker. infomred cx to get breaker looked at/changed. collected for service fee."
We serviced a
Model WFG550S0HV1
Near Glenarden, MD 20706
Mitchell H.
Job Details: 05/31/2022
cx complaint unit is smelling like raw gas when oven is started. inspected unit and found aluminum foil across bottom of oven. asked if this was a new thing for them and they replied yes just started happening after we put that in actually. i informed them the aluminum foil can cause the unit to smother itself and put the flame out and cause raw gas to be smellled. took foil out and retested and unit is working good no issues. job completed.