Appliance Repair Gibson Island Maryland

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We serviced a
Model KBRO36FMX01
Near Gibson Island, MD 21056
Shawn D.
Job Details: 05/09/2023
cx complaint unit is no longer making ice. inspected unit and conifmred no ice and ice maker is on freezer is at 2 degrees fan is running. checked ice maker and feels jammed. removed ice maker and confimred its jammed so cleared icce reinstalled ice maker it cycled and filled with water just fine. collected for serviuce fee unit is good
We serviced a
Model KUWR204ESB00
Near Gibson Island, MD 21056
Kevin P.
Job Details: 07/21/2022
"cx complaint vibration noise as units running, found rear plate the compressor sits on is vibrating so i tigthened all screws securing it and raised the left rear foot to put more upward pressure on the tray and vibration is gone. 120 service call collected by cc. job complete."