Appliance Repair Dewey Beach Delaware

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We serviced a
Model JGCP436HL00
Near Dewey Beach, DE 19971
Andrew W.
Job Details: 06/24/2022
"Cx complaint is cook top burners not igniting, and front center burner no spark. inspected and tested and verified complaint. upon inspection found that the left rear and front burner as well as the front middle burner were dirty/defective which was not allowing proper ignition, burner caps were warping from uneven heat from when the burners do ignite they dont fully ignite. removed front panel and found the front center burner switch was not plugged in. reconnected plug and burner sparked but would not immediately ignite. ordering 3 burners and 3 caps. not enough stock at UM to schedule return visit. (only show 2 burners and caps available); ordrng 3 W11319224 (cap-burner)s and 3 W11319683 (burnr-head)s and 3 W11319673 (burnr-head)s"
We serviced a
Model WRT549SZDM03
Near Dewey Beach, DE 19971
Frederick R.
Job Details: 05/18/2022
CX complaint is noisy refrigerator. Inspected unit and verified complaint. What the CX is hearing is the sound of refrigerant moving through the lines and expanding. CX has audio recording for verification. Shouwed him the normal sounds in the use and care guide and he now understands. Unit is working as designed. All temps good. Job is complete