Appliance Repair Bon Air Virginia

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We serviced a
Model WFW5605MC0
Near Bon Air, VA 23235
Chris B.
Job Details: 05/09/2023
CX COMP unit will shake insp unit on test number 7 spin test and 12 diag cycle could not duplicated comp found shipping bolts had been removed unit is spinning and balanced as desighned cannot duplicate cx complaint advsised cx on use and care unit is working as desighned errors stored apon arrival or after test mode \'
We serviced a
Model MSS25C4MGZ00
Near Bon Air, VA 23235
John P.
Job Details: 02/09/2023
Prior to installing valve found fill tube Frozen indoor found door with bad heater in door advisived issue CX not sure what to do at this time quoted CX for door replacementLW11026429 $707.23$110 laborCX may call in for refund for valve and shipping if they decide not to go with door replacement