How to Fix the Pilot Light on a Gas Oven

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February 1, 2023
Oven Repair

There are many different types of gas ovens and stoves. Some of which have a pilot light. The pilot light is a small flame to help the larger burner ignite. This is especially prevalent with older gas oven models. New ones have electric ignition systems installed in them.

If your pilot light has stopped working, this guide will tell you how to fix it. Most of the time, it can be fixed by simple cleaning, but you also might discover it’s completely faulty and needs to be replaced. 

The pilot light can be found underneath the front of the burners. You may need a flashlight when attempting to fix it, as the pilot light unit is very small. There will be a label next to the pilot light unit in some gas ovens and stoves so you know where it is. Of course, you can always check your oven’s user manual if you’re unsure.

Follow these steps to find and fix the cause of your pilot light not working.

Step 1 – Make Sure It Hasn’t Been Turned off Manually

Sometimes the pilot light can switch off manually. You’ve probably already tried this, but if you haven’t, try turning the pilot light back on. You should also make sure the gas supply is turned on properly. If you think something is wrong with the gas supply, you will need to get a qualified technician to come and inspect it.

Step 2 – Check the Oven Parts Are Positioned Correctly

The next step is to make sure the gas oven parts are all positioned correctly. If, for example, a gas burner moves out of place, it could be blocking the gas supply from working correctly. This will stop you from being able to light the pilot light. All you need to do is check all the parts are correctly in place, and if you find any have moved, reposition them. If that doesn’t work or the parts are all posited correctly, you can move on to step 3.

Step 3 – Check for Loose Connections

The next step is to make sure there aren’t any loose connections. If the wires and tubes become loose or disconnected, your pilot light won’t work. To eliminate this as the cause, check all the wiring and tubes connected to the ignition parts of your gas oven. Any loose or damaged will need to be repaired or replaced. Again, you will probably need to get a technician to do this for you if you’re not qualified. Once replaced, check if your pilot light can now work. If not, move on to step 4.

Step 4 – Make Sure the Pilot Light Isn’t Dirty or Blocked

A very common cause of a pilot light not working is when it becomes dirty or blocked. Thankfully, this can be fixed easily. Most of the time, you just need to clean the tip of the pilot light, and it should start working again. Follow our instructions below to clean a pilot light on a gas stovetop. If the pilot light isn’t working on your gas oven, we have separate instructions for it underneath.

Clean a pilot light on a gas stovetop:

  • Turn the gas supply off.
  • Remove the range top from your stove.
  • Remove the cover that sits over the pilot light and clean it with a small dry brush or cloth. You can use soapy water if you need to, but make sure you don’t get much in the tube.
  • Next, clean out the burner holes with a long pin or piece of wire.
  • Put all the parts of the pilot light back together and in position.
  • Put the range top back on the stove.
  • Switch the gas supply back on.
  • Attempt to light the gas hole in the pilot light.
  • If the gas doesn’t light, you will need a technician to inspect your gas stove. There may be a more serious problem that needs to be fixed.

Clean a pilot light on a gas oven:

  • Open the oven door.
  • Remove the cover over the burners.
  • Locate the pilot light.
  • Clean the tip of the pilot light tube. This can be done by using a long piece of wire or a needle.
  • Use a brush to clean the rest of the pilot light unit.
  • Push and turn the thermostat knob and then try to light the gas. If you have an igniter and it doesn’t click and light the pilot light, it will need to be checked to ensure it isn’t damaged. If damaged, it will need to be replaced by a technician.
  • If the gas doesn’t light when you manually attempt to ignite it, you will need to be inspected and repaired by a technician. They will be able to diagnose the cause of the problem and check electrical components with a multimeter. 
  • If the gas does light, you should be able to start using your gas oven again. Make sure you give it a regular clean to avoid the problem from happening again.
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