How To Clean a Maytag Dishwasher Filter

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October 3, 2022
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It is important to keep your Maytag dishwasher filter clean so that your dishwasher can clean at optimal performance. A clear sign that your dishwasher filter needs cleaning is if your dishes are not perfectly clean after the dishwasher finishes its cycle. If this is the case, read on to find out how to clean the filter on your Maytag dishwasher. 

This guide applies to all main models of Maytag dishwashers, including:






















Supplies you will need:

  • Detergent
  • Cloth, sponge or rag
  • Old toothbrush or other soft bristled brush
  • A sink or large bowl for soaking the filter
  • Commercial dishwasher cleaner or white vinegar

Locating your dishwasher filter

Remove the lower dish rack from your Maytag dishwasher to reveal the dishwasher’s bottom so you can reach the filter. The filter is located either at the base of the bottom spray arm or in a back corner of the tub bottom.

Removing your dishwasher filter

Once you have located the dishwasher filter, you need to take it out so you can clean it. 

Please take note that a broken or damaged filter will have a negative impact on how well the dishwasher performs, so be very careful when removing your filter to prevent any harm.

Some Maytag dishwasher models feature a triple filter system, which includes an upper filter assembly and a lower filter assembly. The lower filter prevents food from being recirculated inside the dishwasher while the upper filter assembly captures large items, foreign objects, and extremely fine food particles.

In order to remove both parts:

  • Turn the upper filter a quarter turn in a counterclockwise direction, then remove it.
  • Lift the lower filter just a little, then pull it forward to remove it as well.

Cleaning your dishwasher filter

Once you have removed all parts of your filter, rinse the filter under warm running water in your sink. This should remove all of the large pieces of food and debris. 

Set aside your filter and fill your sink or a large bowl with warm water and detergent. Then soak the filter for around five minutes. This allows the degreaser in the detergent to work, and the warm water softens any hard-to-remove buildup of grime. 

Once your filter has been soaked, use a sponge, cloth, or old toothbrush to remove any stubborn food or debris that is stuck to the filter.

Make sure you do not use a stiff-bristled brush or a scourer, and especially do not use any harsh chemicals. These can damage the filter and impact the performance of your Maytag dishwasher. 

Clean the filter housing

When the filter is removed, it is the perfect time to ensure the filter housing area is also clean. Remove any large particles of food or debris by hand, and then use a cloth, sponge or rag dipped in warm, soapy water to wipe out the housing and clean the entire area. 

You can also use this opportunity to quickly wipe down the walls and inner door of the dishwasher. Removing any debris or food particles you see will make sure they don’t end up in your newly cleaned filter, which will let your filter stay cleaner for longer. 

Reinstalling your dishwasher filter 

Once your filter has been cleaned, it is time to reinstall it. Here’s how to put everything back together:

  • In order for the top filter to align with the circular opening in the tub bottom, return your lower filter to the bottom of the dishwasher tub by placing it correctly underneath the tabs.
  • Insert the upper filter into the lower filter’s top opening.
  • The filter should be rotated in a clockwise direction. You should feel it settle into place. Keep moving your filter clockwise until it locks into place. If it spins freely, it is not installed properly.
  • Make sure the lower and top filter assemblies are locked in place before starting the dishwasher to prevent damage.
  • It is not necessary for the arrows on your top and lower filters to line up exactly; a filter that no longer turns clockwise is locked and the dishwasher is prepared to operate.
  • Once you have put the filter back in and ensured it is locked into place, reinstall the bottom dishwasher rack. Your dishwasher is now clean and ready to run. 

Maintaining a clean dishwasher filter

Here are a few simple steps to make sure your dishwasher filter stays clean for longer:

  • Make sure your dishes are scraped and rinsed if necessary before putting them into your Maytag dishwasher.
  • Make sure you regularly run a cleaning cycle on your dishwasher. You can do this using a commercial dishwasher cleaning solution or using an open container filled with white vinegar. Run the dishwasher on its hottest cycle with no dishes, just the vinegar or cleaning solution. This helps to ensure the filter stays clean.
  • Make sure you remove your filter and give it a thorough rinse once a month. This will prevent you from needing to do a deep clean and will prevent your filter from getting dirty enough that you start to notice a negative effect on the cleanliness of your dishes. 
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