Shredding Company Los Angeles

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Shredding Company Los Angeles

Sledgehammer Product Destruction is proud to be one of the leading shredding companies in Los Angeles. We work with businesses of all sizes to facilitate swift and effective disposal of documents.

But why should you choose us instead of relying on your in-house shredder? Here are five benefits of hiring a document shredding company in Los Angeles.

Increased Savings

Some California companies prefer to handle their document destruction in-house as opposed to paying for paper shredding services in Los Angeles. Ultimately, however, this can cost you thousands in operation, maintenance, electricity, and more.

At Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we strive to provide premier document shredding for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. You’ll pay only for the shredding itself, while we handle the electricity, maintenance, and other costs you’d have to worry about if you chose to go the in-house route.

Responsible Disposal

When you handle your document shredding in-house, it can be difficult to safely dispose of the shredded waste. Simply throwing it into the recycling bin could lead to theft and fraud.

The only way you can be certain your waste has been safely disposed of is by hiring a professional destruction company. As the foremost paper shredding company in Los Angeles, Sledgehammer has a proven protocol for the responsible disposal of paperwork. Once shredded, your documents will be safely destroyed to ensure the information of your company and your clients is protected.

More Office Space

Paper shredders are pretty large machines. Companies often have to dedicate an entire room to their in-house shredder. When you outsource your document destruction to Sledgehammer, this stops being a problem.

With the preeminent Los Angeles, CA shredding company handling your document disposal, you’ll no longer have need for your bulky shredder. You can remove it from your office, giving you and your employees more room to move around. Studies have shown that productivity thrives in uncluttered work spaces and our many satisfied clients will support that assertion.

Greater Productivity

As we mentioned in our previous point, outsourcing your document shredding will give you a less cluttered office. This, in turn, will inspire activity among your staff. But this isn’t the only reason you can expect to see an increase in productivity.

With your document disposal being taken care of by the top shredding company in Los Angeles, you’ll no longer have to assign employees to shredder duty. This will allow them to focus on the more specific tasks of their job descriptions and get through their workloads in a timely manner.

No Loss Of Valuables

Many businesses store receipts, cash, and other important items in envelopes. On more than one occasion, we have heard stories of this resulting in their accidental shredding.

When you outsource your shredding to a professional service, the risk of such an accident is entirely eradicated. Sledgehammer in particular has a strict inspection code to ensure no valuables are lost during shredding. If we discover an important item among your waste, we’ll immediately alert you and await your instructions before continuing.

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There are many shredding services in Los Angeles, CA. However, only Sledgehammer Product Destruction can promise the level of professionalism and diligence needed for the safe disposal of documents. Our prices, just like our services, are second to none, so you can be sure of an unbeaten deal.

Contact Sledgehammer Production Destruction today to make a booking or receive a quotation on: 562-210-0075.

Shredding Company Los Angeles
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Shredding Company Los Angeles
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