Dog Training Long Island Ny

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Dog Training Long Island Ny

Wallys World is the #1 provider of dog training in Long Island, NY, with a team of compassionate staff members. We offer both in-home programs and board and train programs for all breeds of canine.

Dog training cost

On average, the cost of dog training can range between $30 and $80 per class. For training a service dog for support, therapy, and protection purposes, it can cost you anywhere from $100 - $150 per hour.

For private dog training in Long Island, NY, it can cost you anywhere from $50 - $120, and $30 - $50 for a group class. If you are looking for dog boot camps or obedience training schools, prepare to spend anywhere between $30 and $80 per day.

How do I develop a routine for my new puppy?

While you may be excited about playing with your new puppy and pampering it with loads of love, it is crucial to work on establishing a routine for your new friend. If you are bringing home a puppy, make sure to feed him three times a day, and for older dogs, you must feed them 1-2 times a day. Try to plan your canine's meal times around the same time you eat so that you don't forget to feed them.

Remember to take your puppy outside once every 3 hours for potty breaks. This is an essential part of house training and will keep accidents to a minimum. Do not forget to include several short play sessions during the day as part of his routine. 

Popular dog training methods

There are numerous dog training methods, and as a new puppy owner, it can be frustrating to rummage the internet to find the best training method. Here are the top three popular dog training methods that work:

  1. Positive reinforcement - Dogs, in general, repeat good behavior when they receive a treat or reward after doing something. If your dog exhibits unruly behavior or disobedience, do not reward him. If you need to correct a certain behavior in your dog, try removing a toy or a treat away from your dog, until they do it the right way.
  2. Clicker training - It involves a device that makes a sharp noise like a whistle or a clicker to signal your pet when they accomplish a wanted behavior. This technique can offer the best results when you are trying to train your dog on new behaviors and verbal commands.
  3. Model-Rival training - This method works because dogs, in general, learn by observation. When you provide them with a model of good behavior or place them in an environment with a rival to compete for a reward, dogs try to mimic behaviors and learn much faster.

Get started on dog training in Long Island, NY, with Wallys World. Reach out to us today at (631) 729 1664 or visit for more details. With a team of professional dog trainers, we reduce behavioral issues in young and old dogs alike.

Dog Training Long Island Ny
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