Cleaning And Maintaining Your Household Appliances


Everyone knows cleaning your household appliances can be a drawn-out task without the proper cleaning supplies but more importantly, without the proper cleaning instructions. Cleaning your household appliances isn't always as simple as using a cloth and a cleaning solution in a spray bottle. Some cleaning supplies can be too abrasive on your appliances while others may not get rid of bacteria or tough stains. The truth is, there are a right way and a wrong way to clean your appliances. In fact, the appliances that you use more frequently may need routine cleaning while others require periodic cleaning (i.e. every 3 to 6 months). The following guide discusses tips on how to successfully clean your household appliances.

Cleaning Tips For 3 Household Appliances You Should Know

GE Ranges Even an expert cook is going to experience spills when they're preparing meals with their range. Whether it's your favorite spaghetti sauce or filling from your signature pie, your range will get spills that need to be cleaned. It's important to know how to clean your GE range. Here are of few options to self or manually clean your GE range even if it has a GE glass cooktop. To manually clean simple spills with a GE range, all you'll need is soap, water, and a scouring pad, but for tougher stains (i.e. grease, harden spills) you may require a commercial oven cleaning solution. Clean a GE range according to the instruction label. However, ammonia can make cleaning your range much easier. The ammonia will help lift hard to clean stains and grease (Tip: Never turn your range on with ammonia inside). You can self clean your oven 2-3 times a year. If you have self-cleaning mode, pour 1 cup of water in the bottom of the oven, set the oven to self-cleaning mode (lasts up to 30 minutes), and close the oven door. The self-cleaning mode requires a lower temperature and doesn't involve chemicals allowing customers to leave their racks and pans in the range. Once the self-cleaning cycle is over, wipe away the excess water and spills with a cloth. You'll find that self-cleaning mode easily cleans and loosens tough grime. Again, always follow the user instructions to clean your range (Self-cleaning mode can be used to clean your oven 2-3 times a year). Keeping your glass cooktop GE range looking new is easy if you follow the guidelines and instructions from your manual. If you've misplaced your instruction booklet, visit the GE website and type your model number in the search box. The following video gives you easy tips on how to successfully clean your GE glass cooktop range. Video: How To Use & Clean Your GE Glass Cooktop Frigidaire Refrigerator Despite your best efforts, your refrigerator will experience spills and odors. Customers can wipe their refrigerator daily to avoid icky stains or cross-contamination. Purge your refrigerator every week by removing outdated food. Seasonally clean your Frigidaire refrigerator to keep it looking new. To clean the interior door and liner, use soap and water or substitute the soap with baking soda. Use 2 teaspoons of soap or baking soda to 1 quart of water. Before cleaning, be sure to wring out the excess water prior to cleaning around controls, electrical components, and light bulbs. The same cleaning instructions are recommended for the door gaskets, doors, glass shelves, and interior handles. Ammonia is only recommended for stainless steel models. (Tip: Never use chlorine to clean stainless steel). Customers can also remove the toe grille and vacuum out the dust. Always clean your Frigidaire refrigerator according to the user instructions. Maytag Washer There are a few steps to clean a Maytag washer. However, consult your user manual for the proper cleaning instructions. Step 1: Remove any items from the washing machine tub. Step 2: Add an Affresh washing machine tablet to the bottom of the tub. If you don't have an Affresh tablet, use a small amount of bleach (See instruction manual for tips on how to clean with bleach). Step 3: Close the washing machine door and choose your cleaning cycle. Run a rinse and spin for top loads to remove excess cleaner. Allow the tub to dry by leaving the washer door open. Supplemental Resources: "GE Range Cleaning Options" "GE Use And Cleaning Instructions" Video: Credit YouTube "Frigidaire Cleaning Instructions pg. 15 of the user manual" "Maytag Refrigerator Cleaning Instructions"