Appliance Repair West Lawn Pennsylvania

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We serviced a
Model MVW4505MW0
Near West Lawn, PA 19609
Justin L.
Job Details: 05/09/2023
Cx complaint unit not working properly. Was able to access unit and found unplugged. Plugged in and unit was stuck in middle of cycle. Cleared and found no saved codes. Ran auto test and went through no issues. Attempted regular cycle and unit wouldnt start a normal cycle unit would only drain and spin no matter which cycle is selected. After multiple tests only found F2E1 error. Ordering parts. Once in office will need to contact return; ordrng 1 W11626074 (control) and 1 W11626075 (encoder) and 1 W11626077 (hmi) and 1 W11513248 (lid lock)
We serviced a
Model WGD4815EW4
Near West Lawn, PA 19609
Cody H.
Job Details: 04/17/2023
"CX complains unit will not start. Found unit starts, rotates and heats. CX who called with complaint is not currently home and CX who is home doesnt see any issue with unit. Unit is working as designed, no further work needed."