Appliance Repair Sunbury North Carolina

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We serviced a
Model WED8500DC4
Near Sunbury, NC 27979
Austin D.
Job Details: 08/25/2023
"checked the unit and found a squeaky idler pulley and some rollers were stiff. replaced all aprts and tested operation. unit is running as designed.; ordrng 1 279640 (idler pulley ar vs) and 1 wpw10314173 (rollers ar vs), used 3 wpw10314173 (rollers ar vs), 1 279640 (idler pulley ar vs)"
We serviced a
Model WTW5100HC2
Near Sunbury, NC 27979
Branden R.
Job Details: 04/12/2023
"cx complaint unit steady draining , checked unit and found when plugged in unit is locked and draining with nothing on screen , unseated pressure hose from unit and tested drain steady running disassembled to make sure drain was not clogged . unit will need lidlock and control for proper repair to unit found error codes stored to unit f9e1 f0e4 f0e7; ordering 1 W11394572 (lidlock) and 1 W11457841 (strike) and 1 W11557935 (control)"