Appliance Repair Marydel Delaware

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We serviced a
Model MVWX655DW2
Near Marydel, DE 19964
Frederick R.
Job Details: 11/30/2023
"CX complaint is oil and water leaking everywhere. Inspected and verified complaint. Found WM leaking gearcase oil all over components. Outer basket cracked and leaking water. Also found basket seized to gearcase and needs to be cut out. Ordering gearcase, basket, tub, washplate, motor, splutch, belt, actuator, capacitor, drain pump and dispenser drawer. This needs Lowes auth. cannot reschedule. Informed CX to inspect basket and tub upon arrival then call for appt.2CT gearcase/tub job; ordrng 1 W10752187 (screw) and 1 W10902814 (washplate) and 1 W10752719 (basket) and 1 W11219115 (tub) and 1 W11399437 (pump) and 1 W10721967 (splutch) and 1 W11454734 (gearcase) and 1 W11497303 (motor) and 1 W11239857 (belt) and 1 W10913953 (actuator) and 1 W11428524 (capacitor) and 1 WPW10427633 (pulley shield) and 1 W11127356 (drawer)"