Appliance Repair Corolla North Carolina

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We serviced a
Model KRFF507EWH01
Near Corolla, NC 27927
Austin D.
Job Details: 04/14/2023
"cx complaint the unit is not cooling. checked the unit and found that the temps were 50 in both sections. signs of a ss issue. will need to be addressed by a ss tech. ordering all major components and will return once the parts come in.; ordrng 1 W10832994 (compressor) and 1 WPW10143759 (filter drier) and 1 W11492867 (evaporator) and 2 W11462342 (leds ar vs)s and 1 W11462342 (led) and 1 sstech (ss tech), used 2 W11462342 (leds ar vs) from stock"