Appliance Repair Aspen Hill Maryland

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We serviced a
Model WGT4027HW1
Near Aspen Hill, MD 20906
David J.
Job Details: 04/11/2023
"Cx complaint unit not heating. After previous techs visit he had found this unit needed a few parts. Found timer worked correctly. Had continuity at thermal fuse as well as operating thermostat. Called Techline(SR number above.) speaking with them we found there is a in line fuse in upper harness connecting both HL therm and operating therm. Ohmed out both red wires with white tracer and had OL. Fuse in line is bad and needs to be replaced. Ordering upper harness for return visit, ; ordering 1 W11418906 (Main harness dryer)"
We serviced a
Model MMV4205DS0
Near Aspen Hill, MD 20906
Roberto I.
Job Details: 04/07/2023
Cx aspected the unit to be servised IW but it is OOW. He disegreed with charges